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AKD Industrial Systems , is joint venture between Adhiam and Al Khor & Dakira Schemes and Services QSC. Al Khor & Dakira Schemes and Services QSC ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001 CERTIFIED .It is a closed Qatari Shareholding Company established in 2005. AKD has strong presence in RLIC providing various services to RLC operators and contractors.Adhiam, one of the reputed thermal engineering company , manufacturing and supplying , Servicing various heat transfer equipments by associating ourselves with various European and US companies and since year 2005. Our team members have got more than 20 years Experience in the above field and capable of offering the suitable technical solutions to our customers. Our Qualified and motivated personnel ensure a consistently high level of Quality on the products, systems and on the services. High Efficiency of Heat transfer plates,Wide distribution pattern are some of the quality characteristics of our Products.It helps our customer high productivity by reducing the down time. Plate Heatex coil -This special embossed plate with single embossed and double embossed can be tailor made to any heating and cooling application. Even for recovering heat from gas. The shape can be made for any application. It can be used as Heat Tracers and temperature maintenance of tanks , piping etc.

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Plate Heat Exchanger Services We have wide experience in servicing of various makes of plate heat exchangers in various industries which utilizes the plate heat exchangers. Our Expertise encompasses servicing of all types such as Gasketted type PHE Semiwelded Or Twin type PHE Free Flow type PHE Wide Gap type PHE Fully Welded type like bloc, plate and shell etc Plate type Evaporator Plate Heat Exchanger Services In Omen
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Gasket Type
Gasket Type QAR 0 QAR 0 Plate heat exchanger consists of corrugated plates fixed with gasket and these are mounted between fixed frame and movable frame , Top and Bottom carrying bar are used for hanging the plates in between frames and the ties rods are used for tightening to the required plate pack. Fluids enter through the connections in the frame and are distributed in between plates. The fluids flow thorough alternate passages between plates by means of gasket arrangement. More than 50 sizes available with every size two to three plate pattern More than 50 sizes available with every size two to three plate pattern Connection size available from 25 mm to 500 mm Design Pressure up to 25 bar Plate MOC: AISI304,AISI316,SMO254, Hastelloy C 276 , Titanium , TI-Pd, Nickel etc Gasket MOC : NBR, NBR Peroxide cured, HNBR, EPDM, EPDM -P, Viton A , Viton G etc True 1519705966
Free flow Type
Free flow Type QAR 0 QAR 0 The contact point inside plate gap is almost negligible. The plates contour move in parallel with each other and do not meet. This unit is unit in fluids, where either Viscosity is very high or % solid and fibrous material is very high. Free flow nature of plate help in passing of fibrous and highly viscous material without hindrance. The plates finish confirms to 3A standards. Plate gap range from 5 mm to 12 mm – all throughout - Free flow. The gasket material used are Nitrile rubber, EPDM The plate material used, SS316 etc. The PHE size in this range varies from 4” connection size to a maximum of 14” connection True 1519706030
Semi Welded Type
Semi Welded Type QAR 0 QAR 0 Semi welded Plate Heat Exchangers Two plates are laser welded with each other and are called as a twin plate or cassette. These two cassettes when joined, from channel where other fluid flows. These units are mostly used as evaporators or condensers, where the gaseous fluid Flows within the cassette and the other fluid flows through the gap formed by cassette. These units are also used in application where primary fluid is not compatible with the regular gaskets. The gasket material used is Nitrile rubber, EPDM, VITON and NEOPRENE as ring gasket. The plate material used, based on process parameters and the fluid are diversified like,SS316, Titanium, and SMO 254 etc. The PHE size in this range varies from 2” connection size to a maximum of 10 ” connection size. True 1519706121
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers QAR 0 QAR 0 Brazed plate Heat Exchanger is constructed of a series of Pressed corrugated plates in stainless steel. These plates are stacked one over other with copper foil in between for Joining and kept in oven for brazing together. The plates are stacked in such a way that flow passage one side primary fluid and another channel secondary fluid passage. Features: Small Footprint Lower Hold-up Volume No Gaskets to Replace High and Low Temperaturesv BPHE plates and channel types Certain BPHEs are available with different types of channel plates where the herringbone pattern varies. The benefit of different herringbone patterns is that the hydraulic and thermal characteristics of the BPHE can be modified. For example, two BPHEs can have the same pressure drop on both sides despite different flow rates. The fluids can pass through the heat exchanger in different ways. For parallel flow BPHEs, there are two different flow configurations: co-current or counter-current There are several different versions of the channel plate packages. Examples include: Dual-circuit BPHEDual-circuit BPHE Two-pass BPHE, which corresponds to two units connected in series. Dual-over-two-pass BPHE Material combinations There are different BPHE product categories depending on material combinations and design pressures. The standard plate materials are AISI 316 stainless steel, S, vacuum-brazed with a pure copper filler, C, or a nickel-based filler, N. For demanding applications, the plates can be made of SMO 254, a stainless steel with a higher content of molybdenum. True 1519706217
Replacement Spare Gaskets
Replacement Spare Gaskets QAR 0 QAR 0 Plate heat exchangers gasket is one of the crucial part for the operation and it needs to consider the elastomeric properties in line with the application. An elastomer is composed of a large number of products: polymer, fillers, plasticizers, activator, accelerator, antioxidant… The formulation of an elastomer can be optimally improved to achieve desired physical traits including hardness, compression set, heat resistance and chemical properties. These parameters must be considered to choose the must appropriate elastomers for a particular gasket application. When an elastomer gasket is not used in the proper temperature range, its life can be shortened and leakage can occur. Heat plate exchanger gaskets must be designed with consideration of the following physical properties: Compression set: Hardness Tear strength: Tensile strength and elongation at break: Gasket MOC : NBR, NBR-HT, EPDM, EPDM-HT, Viton A, Viton G etc Make : Almost all makes , we can support. Some of the regular makes are True 1519706587
Hydraulic Tightening device
Hydraulic Tightening device QAR 0 QAR 0 Capacity 13 - 95 ton Stroke 8 - 155 mm Center Hole Diameter 19,6 - 79,0 mm Max. Pressure 700 bar Easy to dismantle and Assemble plate pack of plate heat exchangers Less time duration to complete the assembly No possibility of misalignment of plates while assembly The tightening device shall consist of the following components : 60 Ton S/A Hollow Plunger Cylinder, Stroke: 76mm, Closed Height: 247mm Economy Pump, 3-Way Valve, Single Acting Max. operating pressure 700 bar Gauge Adaptor, 1/4" Gauge Port Pressure Gauge, Face Dia 2.5", 1/4" NPTF Thread, Range 0-10000 PSI 3/8" Hi-Flow Coupler consisting of CR400 female half & CH-604 male half 6 feet Hose, 3/8" NPTF, .25" I.D. with CH-604 Coupler 3/8" NPTF Manifold Valve, 4-Way Cylinder Half (Female) Coupler of C604 20 feet Hose, with CH-604, 3/8" NPTF, .25" I.D. True 1519706728
Ratchet Spanner
Ratchet Spanner QAR 0 QAR 0 This ratchet type spanner is specifically used for opening and closing the plate heat exchanger frames . Sizes available 24,36,46, 50 , 55,60,70,75mm and can be tailor made to meet client requirements. Smoother operation Non slip while operation. True 1519706854
CIP Pump
CIP Pump QAR 0 QAR 0 Maintenance personnels frequently encounter the problem of build-up deposits on heat transfer surfaces in many applications . We do supply the complete CIP pump system as per the requirement of our customer. The CIP pump can be used for cleaning the equipments without opening the Unit. This can be used for plate heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger , other welded heat exchanger and shell and tube heat exchangers. Concept : Connect the CIP unit to the heat exchanger Mix the cleaning chemicals in the tank and heat it up. Circulate the cleaning solution for few hours depends on the scale. Drain and rinse thoroughly with water Disconnect the CIP unit All scales shall be removed and the equipment is back to the designed performance. Principle: Complete or partial dissolving or destruction of the deposits due to the chemical reaction. Deposits are removed in the continuous re circulation. Features and Benefits: Connecting directly to the inlet and outlet. This avoids disassembly and assembly .Down time minimized and increases the gasket life in case of gasketted phe. Construction of Pump and tank and all other wetted parts are in AISI304 or as per the preference of customer . Fast cleaning due to the hot liquid . Heating element helps to heat the chemical in the tank. Temperature Indicator to check and plan the required temperature . Reverse direction circulation makes it possible to remove any deposits which is difficult to remove from the heat exchanger. True 1519706923
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